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Welcome to Dongguan Hawksky Gifts Packaging Co., Ltd.!
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? Hotline:13763293996 Xiao
13927435228 Yuan
10 years experience, one-stop service;
Planning, design, plate making, printing, packaging, distribution;
Cooperative with many large enterprises
All printed products are made of green materials;
The printing standard is gorgeous;
ISO9001, 2008, 14001, ROHS, L'Oreal, Disney and other international certifications.
Three-dimensional view of printed packaging of tailor-made products;
Advanced CTP imposition and digital printing plate making technology;
Germany, Japan imported six-color, four-color printing press
One-on-one service by senior marketing planners;
Orders printing on the same day, safe and on time;
"Quality products, reasonable prices, caring service"
       Dongguan Hawksky Gifts Packaging Co., Ltd,Founded in 2004, the building area of more than 6,000 square meters, the introduction of Germany, Japan, off six colors, four-color printing press, fully automatic plate making system, automated post-press equipment and other production lines, is the design, plate making, printing, packaging, Distribution and sales in one of the industry and trade integrated enterprise.
      The company's main: all kinds of packaging boxes, boutique boxes, paper bags, diaries, stickers, product brochures, tags and so on.
Company News
Handbag printing process
In the process of printing handbags, the paper with a width of about 1 cm can not be printed on the edge of the mouth, and there are also regular lines and color marks outside the range of finished pr……
Industry News
我們生活在一個電子世界。環顧四周,看看有多少東西需要插電或通電。從燈光到煙霧探測器,再到你正在使用的閱讀設備,一切都是電子的。所有這些東西都在某個時候被包裝好,然后寄給你。 和大多數與包裝相關的……
Dongguan Hawksky Gifts Packaging Co., Ltd      Dongguan Hawksky Gifts Packaging Co., Ltd      Dongguan Hawksky Gifts Packaging Co., Ltd
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Xiao Qi    13763293996
Yuan Peipei  13927435228

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